IT & Business Consultancy

Thinkerasoft offers Business and IT consulting services to help companies develop and implement their business and IT strategies. We can take the knowledge we have gained over the years and turn it into a resource for business owners to improve the quality of their day-to-day processes. In addition to offering an objective and fresh perspective, it is our passion and drive for excellence that sets us apart.

With Thinkerasoft as your partner, we can help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve more in your business with our consulting services.


In order to be able to create new success stories companies are going to heavily rely on their trusted data. Data is today’s most valuable asset but it needs to be processed carefully.

We can bring our expertise in converting your valuable data to information and then to knowledge eventually. 


As Thinkerasoft, we strongly believe that outsourcing is not just a “low-cost short-term service” it is also an innovative practice that brings sustainable benefits and long-term competencies to your business.

We offer expert, innovative, reliable and cost-effective outsourcing services at the needs of  our business partners to support their business functions more efficiently.